Welcome to my very first blog, and my very first blog post.

You may be wondering, “what inspired you to write a blog?” Or maybe you weren’t wondering that. Well if you weren’t, you’re out of luck, because I’m going to tell you anyway. It all starts with a thing called The Tale Of Darensil. The Tale Of Darensil was a very sub par, first draft novel I made during an event called NaNoWriMo. Although not my best, this novel really got me into writing. The story in brief was a fantasy novel about a guy with magical powers, who basically saves the day, the end. But the reason why I loved the story so much was because the character, who’s name was Glen, was a character I had thought of a long time ago. One of the things I love to do is create characters, and before I go to bed at night I’ll think up stories to put my characters in. That’s what The Tale Of Darensil was all about. It was an idea I had been brewing in my head for so long, and I decided I needed to write that idea down. It had a lot of flaws, and the ending was kind of terrible, but I loved it because it was finally written down, and I could see that story I had only thought about, as if it were a bestselling novel. That was part 1 in my inspiration for this blog. Part bsa-logo2, was a completely different thing. It started with Boy Scouts. I’m sure you know what Boy Scouts is, but in case you don’t, Boy Scouts is an organization built on training boys into becoming leaders, and to practice valuable skills like First-Aid, Personal Management, Personal Fitness, and other stuff. The troop I joined, Troop 137, is a great Troop. And one day when the Troop was deciding on new roles for the troop, the Scoutmaster was talking about a role called Scribe. I asked him what a Scribe does, and he says a Scribe writes down what happens during our meetings, keeps track of the camp outs we go on, and sends an email, where all of these details are written down. I jumped on the opportunity, and the Troop let me be Scribe (but to be honest, none of the other Scouts wanted to be Scribe, so it was sort of a freebie). But I loved writing stuff down, and keeping track of things. PaThe Communications Merit Badgert 3, the final part of why I wanted to make a blog, is also because of Boy Scouts. One of the Merit Badges, Communications, has a multiple choice requirement. You can choose one of three things, but I don’t remember them all, and honestly I don’t care, because creating a Web Blog was one of the options. So BAM! The Swanky Potato blog was born. I will do my best to update the blog with different ideas or thoughts, and hopefully I’ll keep doing this blog for a while, and not give up on it. If you’re reading this blog post, thanks, and I’ll continue to keep working on this blog!

Boy Scout, writer, and board game enthusiast, A.J.~ ;D