Boy Scout, Writer, Board Game Enthusiast… What Else?

Podcast lover! To add to the list of the things I enjoy/like/do, I’ve just recently started listening to Podcasts, and I’m glad I have. I had a bad habit of looking at screens late at night before I go to bed, and it’s not good for eyes to be staring at a screen before bed. For a long time, I was on my tablet at night playing games or watching videos, but that was before I discovered Podcasts. I discovered that I didn’t need to look at a screen to enjoy them (except to press play to listen to them), and I discovered that they can be just as enjoyable as videos. So, what started my Podcast enjoyment? Which Podcast started it all? Those are both questions. The answer, is Good Job, Brain! Which is a trivia Podcast about strange facts and interesting things you don’t necessarily need to know, but are fun to know. The show features four people that all share a love for trivia, and in each Podcast they take turns either quizzing the other three on their knowledge of different things, or just sharing an interesting trivia story. The thing I love about it most is that each host doesn’t know what the others have planned for their little section of the show, so they react to the quizzes and trivia at the same time I do. It’s a fun show that usually goes on for about an hour, but is worth the time in my opinion. That show really sparked my interest in audio shows. I could put them on at night, and just listen. Just lie down and listen. I don’t have a very large selection of Podcasts, but I’m on the lookout for more, so if you have any suggestions for Podcasts I would be interested in, let me know in the comments 😀 (If the Podcasts involve trivia, writing, or… trivia, I’ll be interested in it!)

Here are the other few Podcasts I listen to:

Welcome to Night Vale, a Podcast in the form of a twice monthly radio show for a made up town called Night Vale.

Ask Me Another, trivia game show featuring different contestants each week, with different word games/puzzles to try and solve.

The Story Grid, a Podcast about Tim Grahl, an aspiring writer just getting into the writing scene, and Shawn Coyne, a writer/editor with 25+ years of experience. Each episode Tim basically just asks Shawn questions, asking for tips, and Shawn gives answers.

Good Job, Brain! And that’s it! As I said, it’s a small selection of Podcasts, and I’m still listening to a few, to see if I like them enough to keep listening, but these four Podcasts are definitely going to be regularly listened to for me:


Anyways, thanks for reading my 3rd blog post, I hope you liked it! Like I said, I’d love to know if you listen to any Podcasts, and think a teenager like myself would enjoy them in the comments! Enjoy your day!

~Boy Scout, Writer, Board Game Buff, and Podcast Listener, A.J. 😀