This week’s verse comes from Micah. Micah is about God being just, but also about hope in a time when things look grim. One reason I like Micah (the writer, not the book) is because of his no holding back attitude. He gets pretty feisty with Jerusalem. To provide some historical context to this verse, Micah is talking about Israel. Israel has split in two, Southern and Northern. Unluckily, the Northern part of Israel was destroyed because of their unrepenting sinful hearts. And things weren’t looking so good for Southern Israel either. Southern Israel was overrun with idols, false prophets, and liars. They worshipped false Gods, their so called “prophets” were telling lies for a quick buck, telling Israel only what they wanted to hear, and not what they needed to hear. So now that you have some context, here’s the verse:

“If a liar and deciever comes and says, ‘I will prophesy for you plenty of wine and beer’ that would be just the prophet for these people!” Micah 2:11

Isn’t that awesome? Micah was just letting Israel have it, straight calling them out for their lies and sins. “That would be JUST the prophet for these people.” Always gets me. This verse really covers the Israelites well, but it also can be said to EVERYONE. We are all sinners, and when someone lies to us we could be tempted to believe them. And the Israelites had it worse, because these people were calling themselves PROPHETS. I can imagine having someone who claims to speak for God tell me great things. I would be tempted to believe them! It’s like if the pastor of a Church, who has been trusted for years, slips some false information in their sermon. Who are we, the sinners, not to believe them? A liar and a deciever fits right in with other sinners, and it can be hard to discern the truth from lies, right? That’s why we have the Bible though. It’s GOD’S WORD. Thank goodness we have God’s truth to guide us, because lies can be tempting.