God is Holy, God is Glorious, and God is Loving. I am Broken, I am Sinful but I am Saved.

My mind is a jumbling assortment of thoughts and ideas, but this week, the topic on my mind is Peace. To be more specific, here’s Ephesians 2:4-5

“But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in MERCY, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions-it is by GRACE you have been saved.”

Doesn’t that trigger a sigh of relief from you? Doesn’t it make you calm? Because it does for me. I have been thinking about peace and God’s mercy because of a retreat I went on for the weekend, where the topic was: Encounter the King. Who is God, or what kind of God is he? My knowledge of Chrst tells me that God is loving, caring, glorious and holy. And those are all true and significant aspects of God’s personality. But the words that have been resonating with me are mercy and grace.

Mercy is defined as giving forgiveness to someone who does not deserve it, and grace is giving someone the blessings that they don’t deserve. For example, We deserved to die for our sins, but God forgave us with MERCY, allowing his son to take our place. Then to top it all off, he gave us GRACE by giving us the blessing of Heaven, which we certainly did not deserve. All in all, mercy and grace are a powerful combination, and God was and is more than willing to give us both. Are you at peace yet? Because when I think of God and his mercy and grace, I can’t help but feel relieved. Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and my problems have vanished.

We are a sinful race. We humans are sinful, broken, and weak people. But while we can get hurt, God is unstoppable. While we sin, God is holy. While we doubt, God is always faithful. God does the things we can’t do, and we can’t do much. We are limited, and we have restrictions. It’s like one of those “You have to be this tall to ride” stands at amusement parks, but instead of 3 feet or 4, it goes on forever. It’s impossible for us to reach Godly levels, we can’t be tall enough for this ride. That’s Gods job, and his job only. Aren’t you glad he’s on our side? How can you pass up the oppurtunity to praise God for allowing us to live, despite our transgressions?

To add to my point, lets go back to Ephesians 2. We covered verses 4-5, we covered mercy and grace, so what about us?

Verse 1: As for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins.

Not very pleasant, is it?

Verse 3: Like the rest, we were deserving of wrath.

That’s the fate we deserved. We were spiritually¬†dead. That’s pretty grim stuff. But that just makes verses 4 and 5 more powerful. God’s grace and mercy were given to those deserving of wrath and death. Join me in being relieved and at peace because of God’s great mercy.

P.S. Ephesians is actually a great book in the Bible, all about our purpose, and making peace with God. Chapter 2 1-10 is quite powerful, but I highly recommend reading the whole thing if you’re interested. (And there might just be a post coming out in the future covering my thoughts on the entire book of Ephesians ;D)

P.S.(Again) John 14:27 is also a good verse covering peace: “I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give.”

Until next time,

~Aaron, God’s Handiwork.