“So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.” Hebrews 10:35

A quick introduction to this week’s topic. Most of you may know my name is Aaron. The name Aaron was chosen by my parents, who have named all 6 of their children (including me) after Biblical people. So when I heard that I was named after Aaron from the Bible, I was curious what Aaron was like back then! But when I found out what Aaron did in the Bible, I couldn’t help but laugh.

It’s ironic! Moses needed someone to speak for him, because Moses wasn’t much of a speaker, so Aaron spoke publicly FOR Moses. Now if you know anything about me, you’ll know I’m more like Moses in this situation. I despise public speaking, I like to stay quiet and keep to myself. But Aaron in the Bible excels at it! I thought that was interesting.

Another fact about my name is that the Hebrew definition of Aaron means enlightened, or to know the truth. I feel like that is a little more accurate then the public speaking thing. The thing is, my parents didn’t know what I was going to grow up to be like, and even I’M still questioning where I’m headed. But the words of my old Sunday School teacher give me hope.

After I was old enough to move up a grade with my new teacher, my old teacher wrote these words for me: “You have been given the truth about Jesus to share with others. Stand firm and speak the truth even when it is scary… I’ve enjoyed knowing you and being your Sunday School teacher. You are eager to learn and have good information to share in class… I pray you will continue to grow strong in the Lord and I pray you will share Jesus with all you meet in future years. Enjoy the youth group!” And those words are powerful. When I heard what Aaron from the Bible did, I laughed because I was nothing like him. But when I heard those words from my teacher, I realised I can be. I focus too much on the Aaron from the Bible, and less on the Aaron from the present. I’ve accepted Jesus in my heart, but the thing is, I’ve only been focused on MY relationship with Christ. I hide the truth from others when I stay quiet. I can help speak to others about Christ! I have to overcome the fear and introverted side of me, and embrace the saved, enlightened, and God loving side of me.

I shy away and reject the oppurtunity to pray in public, or get stressed out when I’m offered a chance to work with the worship team at my youth group. I have been saved! I have nothing to fear! Nothing to worry about! God has given me a desire to learn, and if I choose to gain knowledge and wisdom but not share it, then I’m doing it wrong! God calls us to make disciples of all nations, and being introverted has prevented and stalled that process!

But look at me. Here I am, writing on my blog about God, putting it where anyone can see it. I am sharing what I am learning about God. This is just one small step though. I need to take charge and OWN my faith, bringing it to anyone I may meet. I will worship God for as long as I am called to do so, and sing praises even if I hate the sound of my own voice. Because although most times I have no confidence I can do certain things, God views me differently. He sees me as someone who CAN, not someone who shouldn’t, or won’t.

Recently my youth group talked about Mark chapter 1, and it talked about throwing our nets aside and immediately going with Christ. I feel like every time I want to chicken out of an oppurtunity to do something for my Church because I’m too scared or worried I’ll mess up in front of people, I should think of this. I need not hold on to my insecurities and worries. I need not overthink things. I should simply drop my nets and follow God’s plan. I might not be perfect, or let go of my problems right away, but in time I will surely have the strength and courage to immediately follow God wherever he leads me, no questions asked.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to go where God takes me. I’ll see you next time.