“Now and forever, you are my Great Reward”

This week’s song is Great Reward by Tim Timmons. No I didn’t choose this song because the only instrument in the song is piano, although that is a good reason to like the song. Great Reward to me is like a prayer, or a plea to God. It’s not so much about repentance, more like asking God to renew your trust in him daily. The first verse of this song sings: “I trust in you, for every heartbeat, as long as I’m alive.” This song is very much a song about our faith in Christ, and that God is our great reward. The song also has it’s moment of humbleness before God. “Help me to know that you are God, I am not. Remind my soul, you’re in control.” It’s a very meaningful song, ripe with praises to God, especially in the chorus. “Praise to the Father, with every breath I take, in joy and sorrow, all for your kingdom’s sake. Be thou my vision, be thou my hope restored, now and forever, you are my great reward” I love this song so much, I feel like the chorus could easily be a prayer as well! I will Praise God with every breath, and God will be my vision, and my hope restored! In the bridge we sing “I know this is dangerous, daring just to pray this, I will trust you Lord. Help me trust you more.” I love that part. It shows that I will trust God, and God will help me trust him even more! God is the rock throughout the ages, and he is our GREAT REWARD!

P.S. The piano in this song is so awesome. When I first listened to this song, I didn’t even notice that the piano was the only instrument played! That’s because it just works so well with the flow of the song, it seemed so natural! This song proves the piano can be used on it’s own without other instrument accompaniment, and the result is pretty awesome.