“…Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

This verse may seem short, and pretty simple, and maybe even a little cheesy. “Just believe” is something you’d see on a motivational cat poster you put in your room. But this verse is a direct quote from Jesus, and the person he was telling to not fear was a woman who’s daughter had just died. That makes this verse a little more powerful. Something to note, is that the parable of the sower sort of fits in this story. Sometimes our seeds hit rocks, and we stall in spiritual maturity because of a worldly event. When something bad happens, or when you’re struggling, the seeds, and your growth, are stalled. Ask God to clear out any obstructions in your spiritual growth, and do not fear, just believe. Because Satan knows just what trials to throw at you to make you doubt and suffer. So take charge! Don’t let fear get in the way of God’s plans for you!