“I won’t let the storm weather my heart, won’t let the darkness beat me down.”

This world is full of sin, and darkness. We are constantly influenced by worldly things, fear, and stress, but this song is a call to action for people like you and me. If you haven’t listened to When the Fight Calls, by Hillsong Young and Free, listen to it now so you can understand what this post is about.

One hard pill to swallow in my walk through faith, is that sin is always inside me, and it’s where my roots are based. I live in sin, and only God can fix that. That’s a tough message! That I can’t fix the problem. I hate when there is something in front of me that needs fixing, or someone who needs help, and I can’t do what’s necessary to make everything right. There are just so many broken pieces, and so many problems in this world, it’s like a minefield! Every which way I turn I seem to find something else I have to battle. Fighting the urge to be rude when someone deserves it, fighting the stress and worry off, fighting to keep my life together, all that fighting is hard! But this song is calling us to take charge.

A verse that really stands out in this song is actually the very first verse, which says: “You’ve overcome this world with love, and made my fight your own.” What that means, is that all the stress you’ve been dealing with, all the suffering, and all the fights you have against sin, are God’s fight too. Think about it, we have to battle against the constant beating of sin and hatred, and we have to somehow find hope in the darkness. Would you want to take on that challenge alone? I wouldn’t! “Even when the world caves, even when the fight calls, even when the war’s waged, I’ll take heart.” It’s tough going about life knowing that we have to fight sin. But it’s not tough going about life knowing God is fighting with us.

“I won’t let the storm weather my heart, won’t let the darkness beat me down, sing in the night my hope alive in you. And I’ll walk through the fire and not be burned, pray in the fight and watch it turn, Jesus tonight I give it all to you.” Personally I really love this song. Viewing faith from this angle really helps me understand that God has conquered sin and death for us, and he’ll help us fight it too. Only he has that power. So join me, and don’t fall in the face of adversity, because the same God who created the moon and the stars, is the very same God who will be on your side in the fight.