“You’re the reason I sing, the reason I sing. Yes my heart will sing, how I love you.”

This post is a mix between Worship Wednesdays and the Saturday main post. It’s coming a little late, I usually write the worship post on Wednesdays, but here it is. The song I chose for this week is Simplicity, which comes out of Rend Collective’s Campfire II album (which is a fitting pick, since I’m on a campout as I write this). This song is a very good song for reflecting, it’s a song I listen to at night when I need something to calm me down before I sleep. I see the song Simplicity as a song of letting God be the only one in my life. It says “Lord strip it all away, ’til only you remain.”, it also says that God is the reason we sing. It’s really a worship song, about worship! I think when we worship it’s easy to judge the songs by how catchy they are, or how well the guitarist did, or if the vocalist hits those notes. I think sometimes I focus on myself and others when I worship, and now that I’m learning piano, it’s getting harder to put my focus on God instead of myself. When I play, I’m too worried about not messing up, and not the reason behind the worship. It’s tough to balance my focus between playing an instrument and God. But see, when I’m just in the crowd/audience, I focus on my voice, and if I sound good enough. But the song says this: “I come with my broken song, to you the perfect one.”. GOD is perfect, and my job is not to be perfect in my singing or instrument playing. It says it right in that verse: “to you the perfect one.” God is the the perfect ONE, and we can only come with our brokenness and offer him our praise. I can’t give God THE best, but I can give him MY best, you see what I mean?

God is the perfect one, and he’s the only one. I need God’s love, mercy, and grace, because it will never end. So, I come in simplicity, longing for purity, to worship You, in spirit and truth, only you. You’re the reason why I worship. When I get on the stage to worship, you’re the reason I’m up there. You’re the reason I pray. You’re the reason I live. Only you, Lord.