“He must increase, I must decrease.”

John 3:30

This verse can spark a lot of conversation, and a lot of discussion. It’s simple and short, yet it holds a great truth: In order for God to increase in our minds, we must decrease. It’s like a scale, except there is no balance! One side is higher than the other, period. The trick is getting the scales tipped in God’s direction, but it’s pretty hard, I must admit.

We live in a tough world, filled with sin. People in this world always try and please others, they try to sell the idea that you need to be a certain way to look good, or fit in. But pursuing those things is self-glorifying, which is wrong. I fall victim to wanting to be a certain way, in order that people might like me better, but if I’m so focused on increasing my own worth, I’m decreasing God’s worth. That’s what rhe verse means. It’s saying that God can’t be an all powerful, never-ending love, sent his son to die for us God, if we treat ourselves as if we’re level with him. God is NOT on the same level as you and I, he’s always higher!

Listen to the song Great Reward by Tim Timmons and he says the same thing: “You are God, I am not.” It’s important to humble yourself, because we are not good people deep down. I mean, it’s not like God sent his son to die for us because we are as good as him and we’re good. He sent his son to save our butts from death! We go about this world prideful, walking around earth like we own the place, when we’re breathing God-given air! We’re living a God-given life! And most importantly, we’re going to spend eternity in a God-provided heaven. It’s not like we’ve done anything to deserve a gift from the most high God, he didn’t have to save us, but he did send his son, and he was and is the sacrifice for our sin.

Let’s go back to the verse: “He must increase, and I must decrease.” Going over what we just talked about, God saved us from eternal suffering in hell, he has everlasting mercy and grace, and his live never ends. Does he deserve to be praised, and worshipped? Of course! Now, let’s measure a bit, and try and see if I can measure up to that, and be equal to God. Let’s see, I get nervous about silly things, I’m always indecisive, and I’m dead in sin. Well then, looks like I can’t really reach Godly levels can I? Even if I become the richest man on earth, even if I gain billions of friends, and even if I get an amazing job I love. God has more, and he always will. There is just no way God can be God, if we call ourselves better or equal to him. Either we are less than him, or he isn’t really God. The song What A Beautiful Name It Is, has a great bridge, where it says: “You have no rival, you have no equal.” It’s true. There isn’t someone fighting for first place with God, or someone else sitting on the same throne God is. He is more than us, we are not his equal.

Through this week and every week after, let us as Christians humble ourselves, and keep God higher in our minds.