Writing to God is a new blog series I’m going to write for a few weeks, where I basically write out my prayers, and just talk to God. If anyone knows me in real life, you’ll know I’m not great with words and conversations, so that’s why I’m writing these down instead.

God things aren’t looking so good down here on earth. I see proof all the time that more and more wickedness comes up every day, and It’s not like I can stop it by any means. So that brings me to this topic that’s been on my mind: I am truly free now that I believe, right? I mean I’m still not going to purposefully go to jail and ignore all laws, but I’m totally in no need of anything else except faith in Jesus, right? Well what disheartens me is that the United States of America, of all places in the world, should be the easiest place to believe in Christ, right? So God, what’s up? I’ve seen statistics that show how little people truly believe in Christ, when in America, people have the freedom to have faith! But I know God, that many people just aren’t buying it, or they want to live a comfortable life. I understand in a way, the Christian life isn’t easy, and it’s intimidating at times, but I bet a lot of people from other countries would love to be in America so they can believe in God freely. One thing I ask of you God, is that people like me don’t grow up and become missionairies and forget entirely about where we came from. Even America needs fixing up, and people are still in desperate need of Christ, they just don’t know it yet. So help me and others take the good news not only outside of our country, but to the people who walk next to us day after day. A life not saved by Christ, is a life not lived to the fullest in my honest opinion God. So one last time I ask, help me and others not hide your word in our hearts for long, so it can reach everyone. Thanks God, for all you’ve already done and will do, for another day I breathe is another day I thank you. Amen.