God I need strength. 

I feel like every time I write, I have something new to worry about, and this time, I worry about what’s really true. We have the Bible as a compass, pointing us to exactly where we need to be, but there are so many bad influences and false teachers around, my mind could easily be swayed. This prayer is for all Christians to re-assess their faith every once in a while (including me), to make sure when we evangelise, or when we tell someone our testimony, we say what we truly believe. There are so many other religions out there, it’s possible to mix and match what we like from each religion and say that’s Christian. There are things we believe, and there are things we don’t believe, God, and it’s all in the Bible for us to see and read. Let us as Christians not argue and separate based on what we don’t agree on. Help us find what we agree on, and go back to the simple truths that we all believe. There are so many speculations on how the earth will end, how it started, whether baptism is recommended or required, and so much more, and we can speculate, that’s fine. But if our vision becomes so wide that we forget what’s at the center of our faith (Belief in Christ), then we put our focus on non-essential theories or ideas, when our focus should be on the gospel and the good news. God help us to center our hearts on the truth that we do know, so our hearts don’t seek to argue about the extra details we don’t yet know. God has a plan that is sometimes left a mystery to us, and we have nothing left to do but to wait. God I ask that we don’t fall into the temptation of false teachers, or get influenced by people who can harm our faith. Let the friends we hang around with be of all kinds, Christian or otherwise, but let our hearts not fall into the path of the non-faithful, but instead, let us try our hardest to point them to you, God. I thank you God for all you’ve given me, because there is not a second of any of my days that I don’t owe you thanks, whether it be for a good experience at a concert, safe trips to and from places, getting over a sickness, or even getting to the end of the day alive and well, you have given me more than I deserve, so thank you. Amen.