While the actual halfway point of the year is July 1st, we’re close enough, and I have some things on my mind as we close in on the second half of 2017.

Halfway through the year I’m making an effort to evaluate my life so far, and hopefully step up in my faith a little more. I think I can say with certainty that I’ve grown a lot this year, but the growth will only keep going until the end. I still have a week long summer camp to go to, a Mere Christianity study to think about, and a LOT of catching up to do in regards to reading the bible. So with that being said, I’m hoping this blog will be helpful in transfering all I learn into writing. I’m sure multiple blogs will come out during or after CVC’s summer camp, Frontlines, as well. To put it simply, I have a lot of writing planned for the next half of 2017, and that means I’ll need to do a lot of listening so I can gain as much notes as possible.

On another topic, forming new friendships or strengthening current friendships this year is always on my mind. Being outgoing and friendly has never been a strong point for me, but I’m hoping by the end of the year I have some friends who I can consistently talk to, and keep each other accountable spiritually. I think it’s easy to fall into temptation and forget about God or the bible, or doubt that God is even doing anything at all. I’m hoping that any frienships I form this year will be helpful both for me, and for them, so we can keep each other in check as brothers or sisters in Christ.

Lastly, Piano is always on my mind. I feel very strongly about wanting to get into worship at my Church, mostly because I love the fact that I can use music for God’s glory. That’s just so exciting for me! So hopeully I can find ways to integrate myself into my Church’s worship, because worshipping as a band or as a collective group, is always so great for me. But if I can’t find the right way to do that, then just expanding my talent enough for solo worship, where I play piano and sing to God alone, would be good for me.

In general, faith is on the brain for me. There will never come a day when my brain can stop taking in knowledge about the bible or God, so I should never stop growing in my faith, no excuses. 2017 has been a crazy year, but I’m not stopping now, God still has some great things in store for me, I’m sure. How’s your halftime report going? Any plans for the rest of the year? Any improvements that need to happen, or is your year going steadily? Whatever your answer, I pray and hope for a good year ahead for whoever reads this, and for those who don’t. God will carry us through this year, we got this far through the year, let’s finish strong!