This post is dedicated to encouraging anyone who is reading, and brainstorming ideas for positive thinking.

It’s hard to stay encouraged and positive in a world where things always seem to be going wrong. Good things always seem to be painted over with sin or hate and anger right? So first, I’m going to list some things that fascinate me about the things that happen in this world.

1. The Bible tells us that God created this world perfectly, and he said “It is good”, yet now it has been changed due to sin. But I’m so fascinated, because the trees, the grass, nature, all of it was created perfectly by God. We are living and surrounded by a world that was painted and crafted perfectly by a wonderful God, and that should be so comforting! Sometimes going on a hike, or just sitting outside surrounded by nature can clear your mind of any bad things in the world.

2. This point has a lot to do with the book Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, but to simplify it, it talks about right and wrong, and how we all have this feeling inside of us that we should do the right thing, even if we don’t always do that. But what’s really cool to think about, is that the feeling that one thing is right, and another thing wrong, (the law of human nature, as C.S. Lewis would call it) is something inserted into us by God. God is a perfect God, and he gave us the feeling of right and wrong, despite us being sinful. When someone is hurting, or needs help, most would agree the right thing to do is to help that person in need, even if we don’t end up deciding to do it. That means we still have the motive to do right inside of us, and it comes from when humans weren’t full of sin yet, all the way back to Adam and Eve. We still have a will to do right inside of us despite our sin, and that comes from God. That’s pretty cool to think about.

3. The same sin you are filled with, is the same sin I’m filled with. Me, you, and every other human, experiences sin in one way or the other. So we can all sympathize with each other when sin takes control. Don’t be discouraged when someone has more money than you, or has a better life, better friends, more skill, they still have to deal with the same problems we do, it’s true. So don’t be tricked into thinking others have it better than you, because apart from God, we would all be in deep trouble. So be ok with struggle, because everyone has to, and we’re all unified with Christ.

So those are just some interesting thoughts, but let me move onto a cool idea for staying positive:

Write down a list of things that are good. One of the reasons we get discouraged in the first place is because our eyes have shifted onto the bad, rather than the good. Here’s some encouragement:

1. You are unique, and you have your own unique thoughts and ideas! Find a way to write them down, or keep track of them, because YOUR thoughts are really important!

2. God intends for us to spend eternity in heaven with him if we believe and trust in him! He will hold us close and reserve a spot for us in Heaven until the end!

3. You have skills! Find out what they are and keep at it! Be proud that you have talents inside of you no matter how big or small!

4. Other people don’t decide whether you are happy or not, you do! Only you and God decide what makes you happy, so don’t stress over what others say will make you happy, because everyone is unique, so enjoy what YOU enjoy!

To sum it all up, you are uniquely made by God, and no one can replace you, because God only made one of you, and he cares! Thanks for reading, and if you want, you should write a list of all the things that make you happy, so you can focus in on those things each day and prioritize them! But whatever you do, be unique, and be you!