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When Do You Post?

When do I post? Good question! My posting varies, and I usually get off schedule, but here’s the plan:

Saturday: I’ll post what’s on my mind. Could be curious about Godly ambition, could be thinking about Micah’s attitude in the book of Micah. Either way, Saturday will be my main post, focusing on a particular topic.

Wednesday: Wednesday is Worship Wednesday! I’ll choose a song I’m interested in regarding God, and write about it. Could be Brokenness Aside, could be No Longer Slaves, (both great songs by the way) who knows!

Monday: Every Monday I’ll do a short entry with my verse for the week. Maybe I’ll talk about it, maybe not, but the goal is to memorize the verses I post about.

That’s the schedule! Hope you enjoy the website!

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The Swanky Potato

The rambling thoughts of an introvert.

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